Welcome to AppMixPro!

AppMixPro provides online and face-to-face training and certification for people wanting to build a customised mobile application for businesses, non profit organisations, schools, those working or studying in the IT industry, actually any organisation that needs help to communicate mobile

AppMixPro and the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE, Mt Gravatt are partnering together to deliver accredited training in all states and territories of Australia, beginning with Queensland. We are offering the training both on campus  and off site

AppMixPro is a division of Vital One Technologies which was established in 2004. We are an Australian company who offers smart technology solutions for organisations.

Learning with us is all about flexibility:
  • The training is only 6 hours ( 3 hours face to face and 3 hours online)
  • Join us at TAFE or off site in your local area
  • Fully supported by the AppMixPro team
  •  No expertise in IT required at all
  •  Got a question? Then send an e-mail or call us.

If you are interested in one of our courses, or simply have an enquiry about any of the courses we provide, please contact us today. 1300 728 794

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